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The week that never ends! - My dearest one [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The week that never ends! [Mar. 26th, 2009|10:13 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]

Saturday - Closed at work but then went to the movies with Angie. We had a date. The only movie that was still showing was Miss March. It had its moments. Mostly it was crap.

Sunday - Opened until 1 and then drove to SD with Jenny for a bbq at her friend's and the broadway tour of RENT! We got lost and wandered onto the scenic route so we got home super late.

Monday - Opened until 3 then school with Steph where we did horribly on a test.

Tuesday - School and then St. Patrick's day shinanigans. Leslie and I went over to her friend's place and got fucked up. We headed over to Busby's afterwards where this guy that's obsessed with her came and got all drama and then left. It was hilarious. We went back to her friend's place and I messed around with one of them and we accidentally broke a mirror.

Wednesday - Woke up and felt like shit and realized I had bruises all over. Went to work still fucked up.

Thursday - School and then the Laker game. We won but got no free tacos.

Friday - School then work. Then bar hoppin' with Leslie 'cause she couldn't decide who she wanted to hang out with. We ended up at swingers which was packed and we had to sit at the counter which turned out to be a great thing since we talked to all of the people sitting next to us and one of them was this polish guy that spoke better spanish than either of us. We ended up going to his place after swingers and hung out until like five. He's twice our age but super cute and funny and a lawyer and sounds like Alexander Greenwald.

Saturday - Tried to sleep it off a bit then worked.

Sunday - Work in the morning and then a three week late family birthday thing. I got moniez which is really all I wanted.

Monday - Work and then school with Steph where they told us how horribly we did on our test.

Tuesday - California Adventure with Steph and her bf and her friend. Her and her boyfriend are so cute together. He smoked a bit before we went in and was totally hilariously excited about everything for a while. Her friend's really nice too and goes to school in Santa Cruz so we might go visit her for our spring break. California Adventure has gotten funnerer since it first opened.

Wednesday - Work then loafed.

Thursday - School then met Steph at the promenade to give her my check so she can mail in all of our forms for our Italy trip in the same envelope then picked up the kids from school. Now I'm avoiding studying for the test I have tomorrow. Should be shit. Yay!